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Whilst châteaux are present throughout the whole of France, they are most famously associated with the Loire Valley. The châteaux of the Loire valley are world renowned and in 2000 the area between Maine and Sully-sur-Loire was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The are more than 300 châteaux in the Loire Valley helping to make it one of the most significant areas of cultural importance in the World not just France.

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The Loire Valley - Vallée de la Loire

The first châteaux in the region were built as fully-functioning castles. The French Royalty and upper classes were drawn to the area due to its proximity to Paris and its rich fertile land producing good quality wine and beautiful gardens. Over time many more châteaux were built and the Loire Valley became a more and more desirable location. This resulted in some of today's most imposing châteaux being built in the region, a region which today receives hundreds of thousands of tourists all looking to enjoy the splendor of these magnificant châteaux and the surrounding towns and villages.

If you ever wanted to live in a castle, the Loire Valley is château country and here you will see a Disneyland castle, a castle made just for love, a castle that Leonardo de Vinci (not Capria) frequented and castles with beautiful gardens. The lush Loire Valley was France's intellectual capital in the 13th century attacting artists, poets and troubadours for the fancy of the royalty. They built their many châteaux along the lovely rivers in Loire.

Chambord, the largest of all the Loire Valley castles is a magnificent Renaissance building, built by François I, it is set in magnificent hunting grounds which can be toured by horse drawn carriage.

Cheverny is near by and can be admired from the ground or from the air in one of the hot air balloons available on site.

Amboise, nestles under the shadow of its impressive royal castle. It is a pretty town with white stone houses dating from the 15th century.

A few miles away, the Château of Chenonceaux (the Ladies Castle) has a famous viewing gallery from which you can admire the impressive view of the Cher River. Entering it is like stepping back in time. Originally built as a fortresses in the Middle Ages, its castles, hunting lodges and manor houses were gradually converted into lavish palaces during the Renaissance period.

Some of the best known châteaux are Cheverny, Chaumont and Château de Blois, the latter being regularly lit up during the regular sound and light shows held there. Unlike many parts of France, where such residences are now nothing more than lavish museums, many of the Loire châteaux are still used as family homes. Some double up as Bed and Breakfast accommodation or are let as self-catering holiday homes.

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